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A Professional's Garage Door Hand Book

11/25/2013 Back To Blog

Handbooks are very important assets that offer valid information to the users on how a product or machinery should be used, maintained and repaired. So it’s normal for any professional garage door expert to arrive at your home with a huge book that contains all the information about your garage door.

It’s not surprising if you would want to take a sneak peak and see what information the book holds. You might find some of the terminologies inside the book quite interesting and informative. Some of them include

What are some of the Garage door terms?


This is name used to refer to the weather stripping that is found at the base of your garage door. It’s used to stop any rain or draft from entering into your garage.

Bracket mounted track

This is the vertical track that is attached to the doorjamb with an angle bracket.


This is the amount of space needed to install a garage door. It’s measured from the back of the horizontal track to the door.

Back hangs

They are vertical hangs that are used to seize the horizontal track in position. This ensures that the door is firm and doesn’t move around the track.   

Bottom bracket

These are the 2 corner brackets or bottom brackets found on a garage door. One is located to the right while the other on is to the left. In most sectional doors, the lifting cables are often attached to the bottom bracket.


Also known as lifting cables, they are used to connect the counterbalance mechanism to the bottom bracket

Cable safety device

They are safety devices that are used to stop the garage from falling should the cable break or snap.

Center supporting bearing

They are often mounted on above or in the middle of the door so as to offer support to the spring shaft.

Cable stop

It’s also a safety device that is attached to the end of the cable. It’s responsible for stopping the cable from slipping through the drum.

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