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Answers of experts on questions regarding garage door issues are found on this page.

What can I do if my garage door is crooked?

Garage door repair pros caution garage owners to refrain from doing anything on their own. In case the door has gone off track, the cables and torsion springs ought to be recalibrated but only by a professional, such as our experts. As a precautionary measure remove all dirt and debris from the track regularly and checks if the bolts that hold the track are not loose.

Does my garage door or opener need a tune-up?

Just like you would tune up your vehicle, a garage door tune-up is also recommended by. Any door is opened and closed up to four times a day and there are many moving parts that need to function in tandem with each other. A regular tune-up will ensure that door and opener works with minimal or no noise, and roll up and down faultlessly.

What is the visualization tool?

It's a technique that will help you visualize how your home will look like with a certain garage door. Pick from the options given by our company  or upload a picture of your favorite door in our system. By uploading the picture of your house, you can “try” on the garage door to see how it looks.

Do I need to have cables running through my extensions springs?

Yes. There is a danger that extension springs may snap off from their brackets when they're hit or if the spring breaks. To ensure that you and your car stay safe, have your extension springs replaced with a newer set that has safety cables.

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