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Garage Door Springs

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 Whether you're a celebrity or not, there's still a chance that one day you'll need to deal with your garage door springs.  A number of issues could arise with springs, and while they're normally out of your control, most professional companies can take care of the problem within a matter of minutes or hours.Garage Door Springs

Some of the most common problems you might encounter with springs include:

* Broken Springs – Your garage door requires springs in order to function properly, and the simple truth is that over time these springs wear out.  Eventually you'll face a broken spring, whether the galvanized torsion springs are broken or the extension springs have snapped.  Replacing them can be dangerous, but the pros will have no trouble at all providing a solution quickly.

* Extension Springs Repair – The extension springs on either side of your door may also become stretched, kinked, or damaged.  Usually a total replacement is the best option, but in some cases repair could be possible as well.

*  Torsion Springs Replacement – Of all the problems with garage door springs, the torsion spring is the most important.  It's the large spring above your door that ensures the opener doesn't have to lift too much weight.  This spring can break or just become worn out over time, losing its ability to maintain the proper level of tension.  In some cases making minor adjustments to the spring is all that will need to be done while in other instances you'll have to have the entire spring replaced.  Either way, a good garage door company can handle the problem quickly.

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