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On this page you will find simple yet effective garage door repair and maintenance tips. The following tips are the most excellent way to handle matters related to garage door systems.

Pre garage door repair

Clear the entire building before garage door repair. This will allow you to see everything clearly as you work. For example you will be able to observe how the wooden frame copes or pick up signs of rust. If you are working with clutter then it is that much harder to make these observations. That is notwithstanding the fact that many people use their garages for accommodation and therefore are reluctant to clear them on a regular basis.

The best garage door repair materials

Choose materials that you are fairly familiar with. This will ensure that you are not stressed out during the maintenance process. At the same time, our experts at garage door repair company may be able to give you tips on some of the best ways of using the resources you have. Try to listen to them as much as possible because they actually know what they are doing. It is not a good idea to hop from one contractor to the next because you tend to lose consistency in the process.

Selecting the right door opener

Getting any kind of opener for your garage door is not enough; you have to get the right type for your door. It is highly suggested to get a 1/3 or ½ hp opener for single garage doors, ½ hp for double doors, and ¾ hp for wood overlay doors.

Get wireless keypads

Wireless keypads are practical and enhance safety as long as they work with rolling codes. You can easily enter your 4-digit password and change it every time you want and you are also given the alternative of temporary codes for the people visiting your house from out of town. You will have full control and LED buttons for the dark.

Do not delay repairs or scheduled maintenance

If your garage door is scheduled for maintenance or it requires repairs, do not delay. Attend to the problem as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting worse. Even if the garage door or its mechanism is not broken, following the scheduled periodic maintenance can help prevent future garage door problems.

Proper lubrication

Your garage door and its parts require proper lubrication, especially if it makes noises when opening and closing. A proper lubricating solution must be applied. It’s better to check the manufacturer manual for the right type of lubricant to be used. You should lubricate parts like the stems, hinges, metal rollers and ball bearings.

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