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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors require maintenance to keep working properly, as well as for them to last longer. Aside from the fact that they keep your home secured, they are also not a cheap purchase, that’s why it’s recommended to have them maintained. The maintenance of your door would prevent problems and would continue its smooth and quiet operation. Garage Door Repair Tarzana is a trusted company that offers this type of service. We aim to provide the best service to our clients and keep them satisfied.

We’re Your Partner in Maintaining Your Garage Door

Our company is experienced in maintaining all types and brands of doors, including roll up and overhead Genie, Clopay and Stanley garage doors. When you call us, we’ll inspect all parts of your door to detect any possible problems that may arise. If we see any potential issue, we’ll let you know so that if you want to have it fixed right away (which is recommended) we can do that for you. We can also do replacement of parts if needed.

Doors have screws and bolts that could turn loose after some time. Tightening them is important to keep everything in place. This is another thing we do during garage door maintenance. We tighten screws and bolts to prevent loose parts and keep the entire door together, thus preventing accidents and malfunction.

Lubrication maintenance is another thing we perform. We lubricate screws, springs, chains and rails to ensure they operate smoothly. We’ll also check the balance and pressure of the door and make necessary adjustments for your convenience and safety. Our technicians would double-check everything to ensure that the door is working fine before they leave. We’ll also clean up after the service so you wouldn’t see any trace of dirt once we’re done.

Aside from maintaining doors, we also offer opener maintenance. It’s equally important to have an opener maintained since this is what makes it possible to automatically open and close the door. If it stops working, you would not be able to open the door remotely. Having your opener maintained prevents such problems.

For your door maintenance needs, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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